US Building Consultants takes immense pride in our connection with the University of Florida and Santa Fe College. Located in Gainesville, Florida, we have not let the opportunity pass us by, as we have developed a strong bond with the local community. Through various avenues, we have garnered a great symbiotic relationship that is aimed at not only providing students invaluable work experience, but also at helping to improve the construction industry as a whole. US Building Consultants has become entrenched in the local community, and is proud to be an integral part of training and educating the next generation in the industry.

Santa Fe College and University of Florida Building Construction School

At USBCI, we are dedicated to remaining a leader in the industry and take great pride in staying on the cutting edge of the construction industry. Working closely with the University of Florida’s Rinker School of Construction, as well as the Building Construction program at Santa Fe College, has provided us with unrivaled access to new technology and practices. Our relationships within our own community has provided us access to laboratories for testing, which includes state-of-the-art hurricane testing and mock ups.

Internships and Scholarships

At USBCI, we believe that education is the key to success. However, without experience, education becomes futile. This has become our inspiration for developing our internship program – one in which we can help young college students gain invaluable work experience that will become vital in their job search. Our internship opportunities include Building Construction, Engineering, Marketing, and Business and Leadership Development and provide students with the irreplaceable hands-on experience necessary to succeed when they step into the professional world. Furthermore, interns at USBCI are compensated through tuition and non-tuition based scholarships, providing aid to students who are working hard to gain experience in their field. In 2013 alone, USBCI provided thousands of dollars to local students in the business, building construction, and engineering colleges. To apply for an internship, e-mail your resume and cover letter to

“Working with USBCI has been an amazing experience. It has provided me with opportunities to learn, grow and gain hands-on experience while working alongside an awesome staff of highly skilled professionals.” -Brett Lau, Engineering Intern

“Throughout my time at this internship, I’ve learned many valuable, real-world skills. I feel much more prepared for my future career, and plan to apply many of the things I’ve learned here.” -Luisana Segu, Marketing Intern

My internship is training me in various ways to further continue to design structures while negating problematic tendencies that could potentially plague owners after completion.  I am very grateful for US Building Consultants because they gave me an opportunity to gain knowledge in ways that I have not in the past.” -Darryl Ditzel, Building Construction/Architecture Intern

Gator Nest

Because a foundation built on knowledge and experience is a core part of the USBCI philosophy, we have fostered a great relationship with one of the most unique programs offered to students at the University of Florida. GatorNest is a hands-on entrepreneurship program at the Warrington College of Business that provides students an opportunity to work with local companies on various projects with tangible results. By working through real problems of real companies, students are able to learn important team dynamics that they will not learn in the classroom.