Construction Failure and Defect Analysis

US Building Consultants - Construction Failure and Defect Analysis

Thousands of components make up the building envelope. With the multiplicity of challenges related to construction labor, material compatibility, and changes in the construction industry, it is becoming much more difficult to ensure that the proper and effective quality controls are utilized throughout the construction of your home, workplace, and building investment. If you have the misfortune of having problems with roofs, walls, doors, windows, concrete, decks, foundations, below-grade waterproofing, etc., the expertise and knowledge of US Building Consultants will assist you in solving your construction problems.

USBCI has laser-like focus in its attention to detail concerning our construction failure and defect analysis. The use of sophisticated equipment along with our tested knowledge and solid construction background in waterproofing restoration provides an extremely unique insight into failures that occur throughout the construction industry. We have the tools, resources, experience, and expertise to properly diagnose and remediate all of your construction issues.

We only use certified professionals and experienced engineers, specialized building consultants, and material experts in our diagnostics of building envelope construction failure and defect analysis. Thorough and accurate building defect analysis is the key to any successful remediation of construction failures. USBCI is second to none in this area. Once the cause of the problem has been properly diagnosed, remediation can begin.

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