Construction Project Management

Project Management

(Spiderman Mulholland leading a condominium restoration project)

Taking on a project from start to finish in today’s construction is no small task. With the complexities of changing materials, difficulty in finding skilled labor and demands for building performance, project management has quickly risen to another level.

80% of all construction litigation is associated with water intrusion. Furthermore, water intrusion causes toxic mold, building envelope systems failures, interior water damage and a variety of other issues. You must protect your investment by properly employing waterproofing methods and materials.

USBCI deploys its expertise to manage your construction project especially in regards to the preventive measures of waterproofing your building. USBCI consultants use their vast expertise in waterproofing and restoration to bring about a successful construction project while at the same time improving the lifecycle of your building.

USBCI has accomplished project-management restoration jobs ranging from $10 thousand to $27 million for restoration and construction quality control projects. USBCI has also performed project management jobs for new construction that ranged in the billions of dollars.

USBCI excels at staying on the cutting edge of restoration and the waterproofing industry in order to be successful in managing these types of construction projects.

USBCI fully comprehends and embraces the philosophy for a construction project to be successful it has to have long-term performance as it relates to waterproofing the building envelope.

USBCI can manage any size project whether it be constructing a new building, remediating an existing building or upgrading your current building. USBCI has a proven record of accomplishments of controlling cost, results oriented, finding the right contractors, insuring the highest quality control and ensuring successful implementation of 10-20 year warranties for building waterproofing and performance.

USBCI is one of the few companies that can take your building construction or reconstruction from the conception stage to a successfully waterproofed building. We use quality control protocols and specialized equipment that far exceeds the boundaries of most project-management firms. While at the same time, we stay cost effective and are always vigilant with our client’s budgetary constraints.

USBCI is the company that will it get it done correctly the first. Let USBCI take the “construction monkey” off your back and painlessly manage your building project for you. We take your construction project from start to finish with a guaranteed success. USBCI is proud to state that very few companies have the success rate or passion that we have maintained for years in our industry.

“USBCI was excellent in the forensic investigation and project management of our condominium’s full waterproofing and restoration”

Marvin Peavy

Beach Colony board president and construction developer

(Roof Inspection on a Florida coast condo)

(Condo Construction Project Management)