Building Envelope Commissioning Orlando Florida

Building Envelope Commissioning Orlando Florida

Along with roughly 30 current years of experience from water-proofing residence, commercial, and high-rise facilities, USBCI is definitely the expert that can easily take your project directly from start to end. Our forensic education allows our company to make smart decisions on the best way to properly water-proof a building, eliminating water intrusion along with construction litigation dead in its tracks. With the help of our building envelope commissioning Orlando Florida standard protocols, our company can critique plans and survey construction, providing quality waterproofing procedures and extensive construction expertise to each and every building we work on.

For the duration of our evolution, our company have supervised billions of us dollars of building envelope commissioning Orlando construction projects without a solitary building envelope failure. This knowledge lends us the working experience, reputation, and understanding in order to make certain that your construction project sidesteps any and all water intrusion issues in the future. As the building envelope commissioning Orlando Florida agent for your future project, our team will perform within estimateds expenses in order to provide you cost-effective solutions which will protect against moisture from entering your structure. Our team of professionals is prepared to guard your construction project from future water damage, as well as fit to protect you from future construction litigation with our building envelope commissioning Orlando Florida services.


Many residential properties as well as buildings each and every year are afflicted with water intrusion, toxic mold, potential construction flaws, inadequate energy efficiency, or perhaps inside air quality problems. For around 30 years , I have personally aimed my full qualified profession on eliminating these obstacles with our building envelope commissioning Orlando Florida services when it comes to our clients . Our savvy professionals on staff as well as inside our network of building envelope commissioning Orlando Florida pros all over the country are dedicated to not only determining the problems but coming up with cost-effective remedies which work plus come with five- as well as ten-year performance guarantees. Our technological improvements, innovation, as well as CSI-type methods for investigating enable our team to recognize and scrutinize any and all construction-related breakdown or issue much faster and much more thoroughly than most firms. Our team have project managed and certified the process of remediation thousands of times as well as have acquired sizeable judgments for our clients when called upon from a legal standpoint.

Our forensic investigating along with water intrusion knowledge coupled with our robust building background with waterproofing and also restoration allows our team to encounter problems which most people fail to see. It has been pointed out that 80 % of all construction litigation is actually connected together with water intrusion troubles, and we stand out within this particular key area along with many other related challenges which result directly from unexposed building weak points. In case you sustain a construction-related challenge, need to investigate a problem or maybe hire out an expert witness, consider our company simply by looking through our Web site of solutions at or maybe calling our corporate headquarters. We are genuinely passionate and also dedicated to remedying your problems. We look forward to collaborating you or your colleagues.

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