Building Enclosure Commissioning

Building Enclosure Commissioning

With over 25 years of experience in waterproofing residential, commercial, and high-rise buildings, USBCI is the expert that can take your project from start to finish. Our forensic background allows us to make informed decisions on how to properly waterproof a building, stopping water intrusion and construction litigation dead in its tracks. Through our building enclosure commissioning protocols, we can review plans and oversee construction, delivering quality waterproofing techniques and comprehensive construction expertise to every building we work on.

Throughout our history, we have overseen billions of dollars of construction projects without a single building envelope failure due to our building enclosure commissioning solution. This experience provides us the knowledge, credibility, and understanding to ensure your construction project avoids any water intrusion issues in the future. As the building enclosure commissioning agent for your next project, we will work within budgets to provide you cost-effective solutions that will prevent moisture from entering your building. Our team of professionals is ready to protect your construction project from future water damage, and ready to protect you from future construction litigation. Home


Many homes and buildings every year are plagued with water intrusion, toxic mold, latent construction defects, poor energy efficiency, or indoor air quality issues. For more than 25 years, I have personally focused my entire professional career on solving these problems for our clients through our building enclosure commissioning solutions. Our experienced professionals on staff and in our network of experts throughout the country are committed to not only finding the problems but developing cost-effective solutions that work and come with five- and ten-year performance warranties. Our technological advancements, innovation, and CSI-type protocols for investigating allow us to diagnose and analyze any construction-related failure or problem faster and more accurately than most companies. We have project managed and certified the process of remediation thousands of times and have secured large settlements for our clients when called upon from a legal standpoint.


Our Building Enclosure Commissioning solutions coupled with our strong construction background in waterproofing and restoration allows us to see issues that most people miss. It has been said that 80% of all construction litigation is associated with water intrusion issues, and we excel in this key area along with other associated issues that occur from latent construction defects. If you have a construction-related problem, need to investigate a concern or hire an expert witness, evaluate our firm by looking at our Web site of services at or calling our corporate headquarters. We are extremely passionate and dedicated to solving your problems. We look forward to assisting you or your friends.