Toxic Mold Investigations, Testing & Solutions

Toxic Mold Investigations

(Investigators using state of the art equipement)

Some molds produce harmful mycotoxins, which in large quantities can be quite dangerous to humans, causing illness or even death in some cases. Let us help you uncover the problem and provide solutions.

Mold awareness and mold misinformation has come to the forefront of the national spot light. The need for experienced experts with a balanced view of the mold issue is needed to put into perspective the 4000 year old issue with mold (Leviticus 14:35-57).

USBCI has investigated, analyzed and remediated some of the biggest mold claims in the Southern Eastern United States.

USBCI uses advanced protocols, mobilized laboratory equipment for specimen collection, accomplish analysis along with nationally accredited laboratories for testing. USBCI uses afore mentioned items to ensure that your concerns with mold issues in your home, workplace or building is properly address.

USBCI believes diagnosing the mold problem is only one part of the integral process of mold investigations. You must also have a clear understanding of building science, mechanical operations and building envelope systems.

USBCI stresses that under normal conditions, mold is only a symptom of a much larger problem. Mold usually does not occur without a water source or mechanical failure in the balance of your building. Waterproofing knowledge is also essential in diagnosing and preventing mold issues.

USBCI has the experts, experience and advance diagnostic equipment to not only diagnose your mold event but also to develop solutions to remediate your mold problems to keep it from coming back.

USBCI inspection team has nationally certified indoor environment consultant with experience in diagnosing toxic mold cases since the early nineties.

“Many people don’t realize the effects mold has on the inhabitants of a building. Allergies, illness, and unexplained odors are often results of a ‘sick’ building.”

Scott Mulholland CIE, CMA, EDIC

Investigator / Consultant

(Collecting Samples of Mold)

(Toxic Mold Inspection)