Construction Failure and Defect Analysis

Construction Failure / Defect Analysis

(Forensic Investigator running tests on a building envelope)

Thousands of components make up the building envelope. With the multiplicity of challenges related to construction labor, material compatibility and changes in the construction industry, it is becoming much more difficult to ensure the proper and effective quality controls are utilized throughout the construction of your home, workplace and building investment.

If you have the misfortune of having problems with roofs, walls, doors, windows, concrete, decks, foundations, below grade waterproofing, etc., you need the expertise and knowledge of USBCI to assist you in solving your construction problems.

USBCI has laser like focus in its attention to detail concerning building envelope failures and project management, for remediation. We use sophisticated equipment along with our tested knowledge and solid construction background in waterproofing and restoration to give us an extremely unique insight into failures that occur throughout the construction industry.

USBCI only uses certified professional and experienced architects, engineers, specialized building consultants and material experts in their diagnostics of building envelope failures and construction defects.

USBCI is a nationally recognized company that has the cost effective solutions that work in the real world.

(Video scope used for failure analysis)

“We have an indepth understanding of the materials, engineering, and construction techniques. This gives us the ability to quickly recognize where and how a construction failure occurs.”

Scott Mulholland CIE, CMA, EDIC

Investigator / Consultant

(Post Hurricane construction failure assessment)

(Material testing to ensure proper application and installation)