Forensic Investigations

US Building Consultants - Forensic Investigations

In order to properly fix a building issue, it is mandatory to first properly diagnose the problem. The only way to do this is to conduct a full building diagnostic forensic investigations on the building to determine exactly what is causing the problems. Building diagnostic services are critical to the successful resolution of your building construction problems. Technological advancements and fluidity in the construction industry, combined with declining expertise in the construction work force, make it imperative to have a trained consultant who has been involved with the actual construction building process. It is absolutely critical to understand roofing, waterproofing systems, claddings, doors and windows, concrete, high performance sealants, and various other components that make up the building envelope in order to properly diagnose and develop solutions to your building envelope problems.

At USBCI, we use proven protocols for our forensic investigations that have been perfected with nearly 30 years of experience with residential, commercial, high-rise, and industrial facilities. Our extensive experience in providing tailor-made waterproofing and restoration services has allowed us to develop a unique insight into the diagnosis of construction failures. We always adhere to the belief that a prescription without proper diagnosis is malpractice. Do not let just anyone second-guess your problems. Hire USBCI and you can rest assured that your building problems will be solved by the company referred to as the CSI of the construction industry.

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