Water Intrusion Analysis

US Building Consultants - Water Intrusion Analysis

US Building Consultants is proud of our ability to quickly find, diagnose, and solve water intrusion problems in buildings that others fail to find with our Water Intrusion Analysis. Our proven record of accomplishments in solving water intrusion problems demonstrates our ability to not only produce rapid results but also to be cost-effective in providing you the solutions to your building moisture related problems.

US Building Consultants is a group of nationally recognized moisture intrusion specialists accredited with over 4000 investigations. There has not been a single water intrusion problem that has eluded our experience and expertise. This level of skill and experience means that your water intrusion issue can be diagnosed and solved without delay. Timely response is very important in minimizing the flow-on effects of water intrusion; these may include mold toxicity and associated health problems; damage to furnishings and finishes; and troublesome odors.

Our team of professional investigators and consultants has a proficient understanding of the transport mechanisms which allows water intrusion to occur in a variety of commercial cladding systems and components. We utilize state-of-the-art tools in our investigations, including infrared, nuclear technology, digital moisture scanners, sophisticated video scopes, and advanced water testing equipment. All of these tools and technologies are employed within established and proven protocols. Our skilled water intrusion specialists have, at their disposal, everything required for diagnosing all water intrusion issues, establishing the source of the problem and developing the most appropriate solution.

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