Building Envelope


We are a diverse firm of skilled professionals who are proficient in handling problems involving water intrusion, engineering,  and indoor air quality issues. USBCI has the drive, passion, experience and success rate required to make our clients feel at ease about their construction problems and needs.

Our group of handpicked building consultants, expanding throughout the state of Florida and the United States, provides a solid network that consists of industry leading engineers, building science experts, manufacturers, construction and roofing consultants, and waterproofing consultants. USBCI also teams up with accredited laboratories and a plethora of experts working throughout the industry of building construction. We embrace the team approach, bringing an individually tailored unit to diagnose and solve your building envelope construction problem.

Our services will provide you with the final building outcome you will enjoy and profit from. We take our extensive experience in building envelope performance and moisture engineering control and apply it to your project, from foundation to completion. The result is that you will avoid the problems that have plagued many new construction or remediation projects.

To find out exactly how US Building Consultants can help on your project, contact us today!