Chinese Drywall Solutions

US Building Consultants - Chinese drywall solutions

Drywall contractors across America are faced with the mammoth task of defective Chinese drywall remediation in many states. The proper handling of defective drywall is paramount in safely and successfully undertaking this work. At US Building Consultants we are industry leaders in developing Chinese drywall solutions and remediation techniques. We have developed and patented the remediation protocols being used all over the country.

The enormity of the Chinese drywall problem has created a complex series of issues which contractors must take into account when they are engaged to investigate the presence of defective drywall in a building. There are legal issues (including the Lowe’s Chinese drywall decision and remediation protocols set down by Judge Fallon in federal court), as well as health and monetary implications that have shaped the landscape of the industry today.

The Building Envelope Science Institute (BESI) provides a certification program that instructs and trains licensed and approved state contractors in the remediation of defective Chinese drywall. BESI provides the most comprehensive training program for inspection and remediation of structures with defective Chinese drywall. If your project includes Chinese drywall remediation, US Building Consultants is the best choice to ensure your project gets handled safely and efficiently with our Chinese drywall solutions.

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