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US Building Consultants - Building Inspections

US Building Consultants is an industry leader in the area of building envelope evaluations and has investigated over 4000 cases in the last 30 years. Our investigators and consultants are experts in the field of building envelope construction, building diagnostics services, and forensic investigations, making our most basic inspections a cut above the competition. We have the expertise required to develop comprehensive solutions to the most complex building problems. You can be confident that our team of hand-picked, highly skilled professionals can provide the specialized workforce and methodologies required to deliver solutions to your building envelope problems.

Due to our extensive forensic background, USBCI has the knowledge and expertise others lack. We have developed Construction Scene Investigation protocols that have been perfected with nearly 30 years of experience in residential, commercial, high-rise, and industrial facility investigations. Our expertise in every aspect of building envelope construction has provided us with unparalleled proficiency and competence, making USBCI the leader in the industry for providing accurate and detailed building inspections.

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