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Assumptions for forensic engineering facts are not considered part of the services at US Building Consultants. As with all client projects, small or large, detailed investigation and thorough examination are conducted through extensive field assessments. Cause as to the problem, as with solutions and remedies presented to the client, are based upon our expertise and years of experience in research in the forensic field. This experience is presented to our clients in providing economical and steadfast solutions to repair.

At USBCI, we specialize in a wide array of Florida engineering services, including HVAC systems analysis and design, electrical and structural design and inspections, and plan preparations. Furthermore, our forensic engineering services are provided by engineers with extensive experience and knowledge in the design, code analysis, and construction methods of new and renovated projects.

Many problems that a client may experience with a building are sometimes due to poor construction methods, but in some cases they are due to inexperienced professionals, lacking construction knowledge and current up to date methods of design. At USBCI, our engineering services offer a complete and pleasant design experience to our clients for new design, remodels and repair/renovation work. At USBCI, we don’t send our clients bouncing from one professional to another; we offer a start to finish management of our client’s project.

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