Building Envelope Commissioning Gainesville Florida

Building Envelope Commissioning Gainesville Florida

Utilizing about 30 yrs of experience operating in water-proofing housing, industrial, and high-rise structures, USBCI is the expert that can absolutely take your job directly from first step to finish. Our forensic training permits our team to make knowledgeable decisions on effective ways to properly waterproof a property, terminating water intrusion including construction litigation dead in its tracks. Using our building envelope commissioning Gainesville Florida process, our firm can critique plans and also oversee construction, offering quality waterproofing concepts including well-rounded construction knowledge to every single structure our company operate on.

In the course of our evolution, our company have surveyed billions of us dollars of building envelope commissioning Gainesville construction projects without a solitary building envelope failure. That understanding yields our company the proficiency, credibility, and understanding to be sure that your construction project steers clear any sort of water intrusion problems in the future. Being the building envelope commissioning Gainesville Florida agent for your next project, our company will work within budgets in order to provide you cost-effective solutions which will protect against moisture from entering your structure. Our crew of experts is ready to shield your construction project from future water damage, and fit to protect you from future construction litigation with our building envelope commissioning Gainesville Florida services.


Lots of residential properties as well as buildings every year are troubled with water intrusion, toxic mold and mildew, invisible structure weak points, inferior energy efficiency, or interior air quality issues. For almost 30 years , I have personally aimed my full expert career on taking care of such concerns with our building envelope commissioning Gainesville Florida services concerning our customers . Our trained professionals on staff and also in our network of building envelope commissioning Gainesville Florida contractors all over the country are without a doubt committed to not only discovering the issues but devising cost-effective options that get the job done and also come with five- as well as ten-year performance warranties. Our scientific improvements, innovation, along with CSI-type protocols for investigating allow us to determine and scrutinize any type of construction-related breakdown or issue much faster and also more accurately compared to many firms. Our company have project managed and certified the process of remediation thousands of times and also have obtained substantial settlement deals for the sake of our clients when called upon from a legal standpoint.

Our forensic analysis along with water intrusion exposure harnessed along with our solid construction understanding with regard to waterproofing and reconstruction makes it possible for our company to notice concerns which many individuals fail to see. It has been said that 80 % of all construction litigation is generally connected alongside water intrusion problems, and we are proficient when it comes to this key area along with other types of associated troubles that occur from latent building failings. If ever you suffer from a construction-related complication, wish to investigate a concern or even secure an expert witness, consider our organization simply by looking at our Web site of services at or perhaps calling our corporate headquarters. We are genuinely passionate and also dedicated to ironing out your problems. We look forward to helping you or your colleagues.

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